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Just wanted to share Adela’s story with you.  I am very proud of her because writing is not her strongest area because she is very stubborn about writing without help.  I will admit I did prompt her with sounding out words that she didn’t know. She is very imaginative and is very creative but putting


As I had mentioned it in a previous post and I had no other inspiration today, I thought I would write a quick note about our curriculum choice for this year.  Last year for kindergarten I attempted to use a prepared curriculum that was very experiential (think Montessori).  Needless to say that wasn’t a good

First Day of First Grade

Here are the hotly anticipated back to school photos you have been waiting to see. And by you I’m probably talking to the grandparents.  Every one else just enjoy the usual cuteness.  Today was our first day back to school.  Last year we dabbled our toes in a home-schooled Kindergarten designed by yours truly.  However