Month: May 2009

Check Up, Check In

Adela had her next check in with Dr Seashore on Thursday.  She was a little worked up going in (read that as really dramatically worked up), but she was able to calm herself much better than she use to.  She weighed just over 23 pounds which is a 3 and a half pound gain in

Happy Birthday Daddy

We are out in New Bern this weekend finishing up celebrating Daddy’s 30th birthday.  Adela is doing well.  She had a bit of a clingy week, but we are continuing to work on the reflux issue.  She had a follow-up appointment with genetics earlier this week.  No new developments there, they are continuing to research

Happy Mother’s Day

A big “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the Gramma’s and Nana’s and Mommies and Mommies-to-be… Adela gave me a whole weekend of  niceness to celebrate.  On Saturday I got a nice luncheon and an all expense payed trip to the new Hobby Lobby in Burlington.  On Sunday we went to another nice lunch over at

Button, button, who’s got a button?

Well, I figure I’ve procrastinated long enough to weed out anyone not really dedicated. 🙂 Adela has been doing well.  No real setbacks.  She had been having a lot of reflux flare up, but we finally think we tracked down the problem.  Sometimes her prevacid meds will lose their potency if they get humid.  When