Month: September 2009

Sharing Mommy

Today I had to share my mommy.  We started babysitting my second cousin Lincoln.  He is really small (2 months old) and he lays around a lot. We watch him for four hours on Wednesdays while Aunt Lulu is at work.  It is hard to share mommy, but I like to read to him.

Burlington Carousel Festival

We took Adela to the Burlington Carousel Festival this weekend with Ali’s family.  Honestly, Adela didn’t enjoy it that much.  When we first arrived, there was some loud music that upset her.  She didn’t want to ride any of the rides (the park has a neat train that’s there all year long as well as

Uncle D Comes to Visit

Adela has been very excited to have Uncle David (and Nana, Grandaddy, and Brandi) come spend the weekend a few times over the past month.  She must be in her coy phase right now, because when David isn’t here, she likes to talk about him and ask about him.  But when she actually has face-to-face

Weekend Visitors and Boo & Baa

Last weekend (and two weekends ago) we had Nana, Grandaddy, Uncle D, and Brandi come up and visit again.  It’s nice to have them up to visit — partially for the babysitting and partially so Adela has a chance to play with them here at our house. Adela is doing a lot more reading aloud

Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh Choo…

Well, looks like Adela has a cold.  Sniffly nose and cranky attitude.  She hasn’t wanted to eat much the past two days, but we’re trying to hold off on giving her formula since she just came off the formula.  We’d like to see if she can get over the cold on her own. We’re pretty

Labor Day Weekend Cookout

We had a great cookout at Gramma and Grumpa’s house on Sunday.  We got to visit with lots of family — Gramma and Grumpa of course, GiGi, Aunt Lulu, Uncle Jam, Baby Lincoln, Uncle Mario, Aunt Monika, and Nina.  It was a full house!  Adela had fun playing with everyone.

Playdate with Nina

Nina and Uncle Mario came over to visit me today.  Nina and I had a good time playing together (although we were a little rough with each other at the beginning).  We had fun playing in the kitchen Grumpa made for me.  We baked pretend cakes and cut fruit.  Uncle Mario said he and Nina