Month: September 2010

I want some ham now…

In the midst of not feeling well, Adela still can make us laugh.  This morning she woke up a little before 8:00 AM and said, “I’m ready to get up for the day.  I want some ham now.”  And eat ham she has.  From morning till night, the only thing she’s eaten today is hospital

No new news for today

Nothing new to report for today. Adela slept most of the day — woke up around 4:00 PM and had a little bit of ham. She’s looking quite exhausted, and we’re getting her in bed right now at 9:00 PM. Tomorrow should just be more waiting with the exception of getting her IV in at

A quiet day planned

No changes since yesterday on our plan of attack.  We did find out that her scope procedure will be on Friday morning.  We’ll be having her GI doctor actually do the procedure and the head of the anesthesiology department will be anesthesiologist since Adela is a little bit of a special case.  That makes us

No to PICC line, CT scan; Yes to scope, IV, antibiotics

Our plans have changed since the post last night.  Here’s the new direction: We had the PICC team come in this morning to evaluate her.  Unfortunately, the only vein they could find that had not been damaged from the repeated blood draws is very small.  It was small enough that they weren’t confident that the

It was a long day…

Today was a long day (although I suppose it was technically yesterday since I’m writing this post at midnight).  We’re now running into the problem of too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.  There are a great number of specialists from a lot of departments looking at Adela now.  We’re thrilled that she’s

Back in the Hospital…

Well, we’ve found ourselves back at UNC Children’s Hospital again.  Thankfully this time it’s not under quite so dire circumstances as last year. Here’s the long story… Two weeks ago (actually on Friday, September 17th) Adela woke up with a fever and upset stomach.  We figured it was just a stomach bug and it would

Nine Months of Growth in One Post

Hello everyone.  It’s been quite a while since we updated Adela’s blog.  We had originally planned for this blog to be updated quite often with news from Adela-land, however we quickly found that keeping up with Adela and everyday life trumped updating the blog.  We’re going to try to fix that and be a bit