Month: October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Not much on the medical front to report for the past few days.  Gradual progress is still being made to transition Adela off the TPN to just Elecare.  She is in a much better mood and has enough strength to walk around the whole hospital floor almost twice today and still have energy to play

A Day at the Hospital – Starring Adela

Adela had a very good day today and made a video of some of the fun things she did.  Click on the link below to see… Adela at the Hospital (Windows WMF file) Adela at the Hospital (Apple MP4 file) Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Care Conference…Round Two

We had our second care conference with Adela’s main doctors today.  We had a whole list of questions and they did a good job of answering them all.  Granted, some of the answers were “we don’t have an answer”, but we’re gradually coming to terms that that may be the norm with some of Adela’s

Big Girl

Just wanted to post an update.  Tried to on Sunday night but it must have run onto a glitch. Adela is continuing to do well.  She is allowed off her pole and pumps for two hours (yesterday and today).  Her sed rate is dropping which is a sign of the inflamation decreasing.  Her labs are

Reduce TPN & steroids, visitors today

As planned, Adela’s TPN was reduced today — the fats were discontinued and she’s getting a little less of the nutrient solution.  Also, we’ve started the slow decrease of her steroid dose.  Over the next few days, it will be reduced down to half of the dose she had been on.  Adela is still gaining

The (semi-) daily update

Since Adela is continuously improving, the doctors are looking at weaning her off the TPN in favor of her Elecare.  TPN comes in two parts with “some assembly required”.  One bag contains the lipids (fats) while the other bag contains the nutrient solution (everything other than fats).  The two are mixed right before infusion (otherwise

Adela’s TV debut tonight at 5:30 on WRAL

UpWell, Mommy, Nana, and I all had our flu shots today on camera.  A cameraman from WRAL came by and interviewed one of Adela’s doctors about why it’s important for parents to get flu shots.  A nurse gave us our flu shots (Adela decided on the order — Mommy then Daddy then Nana).  Then the

More improvement and “foo” vaccine interviews

The latest lab results back up what we’ve been suspecting for the past few days…Adela is feeling better.  With the last batch of tests, we found that her nutrition is improving and inflammation is going down. Two of the key things they look at for her nutrition are her albumin and transthyretin (prealbumin) levels.  One

Adela’s “Status Report”

Since I’m used to creating and giving status reports at work, I suppose it seems oddly natural to try to summarize Adela’s situation to get everyone up to speed, whether you’ve been following from the beginning of her latest saga or you’re just joining in.  In essence, it’s more a combination of a status report

More steps in the right direction

Sorry for the delay in posting for the past few days.  From day to day, not a lot is changing, so just assume that “no news is good news” if we happen to not post for a day or two. Adela is feeling better today.  She has been progressively more peppy and happy over the