Month: March 2011

Back Home and Feeling Great

After a few long days (and nights) over at the hospital, we’re back home.  Adela is feeling much better and, looking at her, you wouldn’t think she was ever sick. Turns out it was the urinary tract infection that was causing most of the problems.  While at the hospital, she had some medicine that was

Back in the hospital for a few days

Unfortunately, we’re back in the hospital again, however hopefully not for long.  On Friday, we headed over to visit Gramma and Grumpa and all was well until about bedtime.  That’s when she started having quite bad stomach pains.  After several hours and an extra dose of steroids (since we were thinking it was a Crohn’s

Say Aaahhh…

Adela had a busy week last week.  A visit to the dentist, a visit to the endocrinologist, and a play date. Mommy and Adela visited her dentist on Tuesday over at UNC.  To make a long story short, she has great teeth.  Adela was very cooperative (even happy) and let her dentist check and brush