Month: August 2012

Creature Feature

Adela had a chance to have a creature moment when we found a baby raccoon caught in the bottom of our trash dumpster.  It was very cute but Adela reviewed her wild animal protocols – no touching without permission even if it is cute and furry!  Daddy tipped the dumpster over and we were able

in case you forgot the importance of punctuation

Adela was reading one of her Mr Putter books with her Daddy.  When she got to the last page it said: Mr Putter went home with his present, a toaster that sang “America the Beautiful” when the toast popped up. Adela turned to daddy and asked what song was America the Beautiful When The Toast


Just wanted to share Adela’s story with you.  I am very proud of her because writing is not her strongest area because she is very stubborn about writing without help.  I will admit I did prompt her with sounding out words that she didn’t know. She is very imaginative and is very creative but putting


As I had mentioned it in a previous post and I had no other inspiration today, I thought I would write a quick note about our curriculum choice for this year.  Last year for kindergarten I attempted to use a prepared curriculum that was very experiential (think Montessori).  Needless to say that wasn’t a good


    Adela is very excited about us expecting some babies.                               ha ha – just veggie babies 🙂 Cucumber   Cantaloupe Eggplant   And here is the main section of our garden (However eggplant and sweet potatoes are grown in

I didn’t want to tell you . . .

Just relaying what I thought was a cute Adela story. The other day Adela and I had finished her school work and we were working on a jigsaw puzzle together. We were waiting for her aide to come for the afternoon.   Adela was looking  morose and for some reason (must be my mother’s intuition)