The Little Elfman

First let me quickly report that we received her results from the liver planel and everything was absolutely fine!

And onto the story:

We started reading to Adela at lunch and dinner again as an old feeding therapy trick to encourage those less than favorite foods 🙂  Daddy started with two new story books and was doing well.  One day at lunch she wanted me to read so I ran up and grabbed a poetry book (A child’s book of verse) that Gigi gave her.  After two days she wanted daddy to switch to it at dinner too.  She gets very excited about her poetry book and we’ve been going strong on it for over a week. She remembers titles and information about a number of the poems.

I wanted to share one of the poems I like and you may see why

The Little Elfman  – by John Kendrick Bangs

I met a little elfman once,
Down where the lilies blow.
I asked him why he was so small,
And why he didn’t grow.

He slightly frowned and with his eye
He looked me through and through —
“I’m just as big for me,” said he,
“As you are big for you!”


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