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CT scan and bloodwork results; the good and the bad

The doctor gave us the preliminary results from her CT scan last night around 1:30 AM.  The results show that there are no abscesses, which is great.  One less thing to worry about and one less possible cause of infection.

However, the results of some of her bloodwork are causing the doctors concern.  Her hemoglobin count is down (the part of blood cells that carry oxygen to tissues), her platelets are low (which affects blood clotting), and her white blood cell count is up.  This is setting off red flags that would indicate an infection.  However, it could also indicate severe inflammation, which is possible as well given the condition of her intestines and that she just had the scope yesterday.  Right now, they’re giving her a blood transfusion to help with the hemoglobin and antibiotics (actually three antibiotics and an anti-fungal) to try to keep infections away.  The platelets aren’t low enough for them to order more right now, but they’re keeping watch.  Her vital signs are actually very good and, while she had a fever last night, it hasn’t come back today yet.

Most of these symptoms could be caused by one of two scenarios:  inflammation of the colon (which we know she has) aggravated by the procedure yesterday (our vote because it should go improve soon) or an infection (not our vote…pretty much an immediate “Go to PICU, Do not pass GO” card).  None of her cultures have shown any growth, so we’re cautiously optimistic that she doesn’t have an infection.

We’ve been told that if any of her blood-related results start to look any worse, we’ll be moving camp to the PICU.  We have very, very mixed feelings about that.  Obviously it wasn’t fun last time, however they are much more equipped to monitor her continuously rather than on the normal floor.  We’ll know more about that later today.  We’re all hoping that the blood transfusion will help.


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