Adela’s TV debut tonight at 5:30 on WRAL

UpWell, Mommy, Nana, and I all had our flu shots today on camera.  A cameraman from WRAL came by and interviewed one of Adela’s doctors about why it’s important for parents to get flu shots.  A nurse gave us our flu shots (Adela decided on the order — Mommy then Daddy then Nana).  Then the cameraman interviewed me about Adela.  Don’t know how much of it will be used, but it was a welcome diversion from the stress of hospital life.  We thought we might talk to the News and Observer too, but they weren’t here.

It will be on WRAL (the local news in Raleigh) tonight at 5:30 PM.  It’s also streamed online and I think sometimes they keep the news stories up for a few days after they air.  If they have a link, I’ll post it later this evening.

Update (2010-10-20 8:54 PM):  Here’s the link to the written article and the link to the video.

Update (2010-10-21 9:03 PM):  There’s a way to embed the video into this post. Thanks for finding this Aaron.


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