Reduce TPN & steroids, visitors today

As planned, Adela’s TPN was reduced today — the fats were discontinued and she’s getting a little less of the nutrient solution.  Also, we’ve started the slow decrease of her steroid dose.  Over the next few days, it will be reduced down to half of the dose she had been on.  Adela is still gaining weight — today she was 25.6 pounds.  It’s been a while since she weighed that much.  One thing the doctors did mention to us was that as she comes off the TPN and the steroids, we may see her weight gain slow down, stop, or even be reduced.  That’s because she’ll be getting less fluid from the TPN and will not be retaining as much fluid (a side effect of the steroids).

We had quite a few visitors today:  Nana and Grandaddy, Uncle David and Miss Brandy, and Uncle Gene and Aunt Jean.  We also have started getting visits from the recreational therapist and the preschool teacher.  The recreational therapist is supposed to help children adjust to being in the hospital.  Somehow our name slipped through the cracks and they just found earlier this week that we were here.  She takes Adela up to the playroom and they have playtime.  It’s a bit of a tossup as to whether Adela will enjoy it or not.  Since she’s been having her steroid-induced mood swings, it’s always an adventure to see what will trigger one, including the playroom.  The preschool teacher comes for an hour to play with Adela.  She brings books, games, puzzles, and other fun things.  It’s nice that she comes down to the room to contrast with the recreational therapist getting Adela out of the room.

Adela said goodbye to another person who’s rotating off the “green team” (the team that follows her case).  One of the disadvantages to being here for so long (other than the obvious disadvantages of being in a hospital) is that the interns, medical students, and fellows rotate through different assignments in the hospital.  By the time you get to know one of them, it seems like it’s time for him or her to move to the next assignment.  However, that said, we will miss you Doctor Will.  Best of luck down in the clinic and with the rest of medical school.  We think you’ll make a great doctor (because anyone who can get Adela to give him a high-five must have some sort of doctor magic).

Also, we have two photos to share.  The first is from when Adela’s cousin Nina visited and the other is just of her playing with her giant Pablo balloon (a character from one of her TV shows, The Backyardigans).

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