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More Results and Home Tomorrow (hopefully)

Adela had a CT scan today of her intestines to look for the mysterious area that was seen during her scope.  Right to the good news…the preliminary report says that it looks like an ulcer which was the least serious of the three main possibilities.  Since it is an ulcer and not an infected abscess, she will not need the extra antibiotics that had been discussed and, more importantly, we will probably be able to head home tomorrow.

The pathology reports came back from some of the biopsy samples taken during her scope and it appears that the official diagnosis based on the results is Crohn’s disease.  It’s an inflammatory bowel disease that is caused by the immune system not being able to recognize the difference between the b0dy and something it should be attacking.  There is no cure for Crohn’s however there are ways to manage it.  The plan for Adela is quickly wean her off the steroids (since they’re not “the answer”) and start her on a class of medications that specifically targets the immune system chemicals that promote inflammation.  We have mixed emotions about her being definitively diagnosed with Crohn’s.  On one hand, we’re just glad to finally have a more definitive label for what’s been going on.  On the other hand, this is yet another incurable condition to be added to Adela’s already long list of conditions that she has to live with.

We’ll understand more after talking to the doctor again, however we’re gradually learning more about what’s going on with Adela and how to manage it all.

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