Christmas is coming…

It’s been about two weeks since we posted and we wanted to give everyone an update on how Adela is doing.

First, let’s get the medical-related topics out of the way.  She’s feeling better, has more energy, and is in a much happier mood.  We were at UNC on Tuesday for her second infusion of Remicade (the medicine for her Crohn’s disease).  We stayed in the “short stay” unit since this is only her second infusion and the doctors wanted to monitor her closely to watch for an allergic reaction to the medicine.  The next infusion will be in one month.  We were supposed to have the broviac catheter removed on Tuesday as well, however due to a scheduling snafu (UNC’s, not ours), the surgical team wasn’t booked in time.  So, we are going back early on Monday morning to have the broviac removed.  Like all the other medical decisions, this one has its tradeoffs.  Leaving the broviac in would mean that when Adela needs her Remicade infusion or blood draws, she doesn’t need to get stuck with a needle.  On the other hand, it’s an infection risk and any infection or fever lands us in the hospital for a minimum of three days.  She’ll need to be sedated for the procedure just as she was for her scopes.  We’re not anticipating any problems and the procedure itself only takes the surgeons about ten minutes, however we’re probably going to ask to move to the short stay unit after the surgery so she can be monitored for a while since we’re still apprehensive about her reactions to anesthesia.

As for family life, we’re all in Christmas mode now.  Adela is very excited about Christmas this year.  Our tree went up last weekend as did a good number of holiday decorations around the house.  She’s already written her letter to Santa and has told him twice now that she wants a donut maker (she’s all about sweets and candies right now which is ironic considering we haven’t reintroduced any in her diet yet).  Her first Santa experience this year was at University Mall in Chapel Hill (Mommy already posted about it) and the second was on the Santa Train.  Yes, there is a Santa Train — I think it was the most anticipated Christmas activity so far.  The Museum of Life and Science in Durham has a small train on their property that you can ride when you visit the museum.  However, at Christmas, they deck the train out in lights and it becomes the Santa Train.  About midway around the track there is Santa’s house surrounded by lighted decorations.  Santa himself walks down the train and talks to each child as well.  She also got a candy cane from an elf which she was terribly excited about.  Further down the track, everyone spotted Rudolph’s red nose in the woods moving around.  After the train ride, they have activities like face painting, reindeer food making, and coloring for the kids.  It was fun (however it was also freezing that night) and Adela had a great time.  She enjoyed the snow that fell last weekend as well.  This is the first year that she actually asked to go walk around in the snow.  She didn’t stay out long, but she did have a good time.


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