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First Day of First Grade

Here are the hotly anticipated back to school photos you have been waiting to see. And by you I’m probably talking to the grandparents.  Every one else just enjoy the usual cuteness.  Today was our first day back to school.  Last year we dabbled our toes in a home-schooled Kindergarten designed by yours truly.  However this year we are using a well established fully planned curriculum (more about that later).  We chose to start with a First Grade curriculum even though Adela has a higher academic understanding to acclimate her to the concept of extended schoolwork/multiple subjects.  I have a feeling we will be flying through this by Christmas time and possibly doubling up lessons.  We will move onto second grade as soon as she finishes –  I have a feeling if we continue to home school she will be working well above her age level.  However I will have that independently verified when the time comes.

Now for some fabulous pictures.

Adela’s first view of her redecorated classroom.


Steven and I wanted to do something  for Adela’s special day.

So we borrowed a lovely German tradition of giving a child a schultüte on their first day of first grade.

Adela’s schultüte contained watercolors, pencils, a tiny Lego set, some books, a school hello kitty, and a few other small things.

Adela is currently obsessed with the Cam Jansen series.

In her schultüte she received a Young Cam Jansen book (a beginning second grade level book).

She also likes the original series (third grade level).

Her reading skills are amazing and we are working on bringing her comprehension (and ability to share) to the same level.

Thanks for Looking

PS – Did anyone notice the Hello Kitty obsession?


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