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Say Aaahhh…

Adela had a busy week last week.  A visit to the dentist, a visit to the endocrinologist, and a play date. Mommy and Adela visited her dentist on Tuesday over at UNC.  To make a long story short, she has great teeth.  Adela was very cooperative (even happy) and let her dentist check and brush

A Long Overdue Update

It’s been a few months since we last posted an update.  With Christmas, the new year, and my getting a new job, I seem to have been able to find quite a few excuses to put off writing a new post.  However, I know many people are eager to hear how Adela has been doing,

Fall Decorations

We pulled out the fall and Halloween decorations today and Adela found a lot to play with.  She just loves pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.  We now have a whole row of various pumpkin decorations lined up on top of our TV.  I think the best, though, are the two little trick-or-treat bags she now likes to

Gramma and Grumpa Babysitting

I had Gramma and Grumpa over to babysit today while Mommy and Daddy went out to lunch.  It was fun to have lunch with them and play for the afternoon.  Mommy and Daddy say I’m talking a lot more.  In fact, I can say whole sentences now, but I usually only talk to people I

Visiting New Bern and the MumFest

We visited New Bern this weekend since Mommy and Nana had booths at the MumFest (New Bern’s annual craft show).  Adela was very excited about both Mommy and Nana having “craft boofs”.  Mommy was selling “beads” (jewelry) and Nana was selling “garden fanfans” (Garden Fancies from her shop).  On Saturday, while Mommy was manning her

Burlington Carousel Festival

We took Adela to the Burlington Carousel Festival this weekend with Ali’s family.  Honestly, Adela didn’t enjoy it that much.  When we first arrived, there was some loud music that upset her.  She didn’t want to ride any of the rides (the park has a neat train that’s there all year long as well as

Labor Day Weekend Cookout

We had a great cookout at Gramma and Grumpa’s house on Sunday.  We got to visit with lots of family — Gramma and Grumpa of course, GiGi, Aunt Lulu, Uncle Jam, Baby Lincoln, Uncle Mario, Aunt Monika, and Nina.  It was a full house!  Adela had fun playing with everyone.

Playdate with Nina

Nina and Uncle Mario came over to visit me today.  Nina and I had a good time playing together (although we were a little rough with each other at the beginning).  We had fun playing in the kitchen Grumpa made for me.  We baked pretend cakes and cut fruit.  Uncle Mario said he and Nina

What’s Cookin’ ?

We just had to share Adela playing with her new kitchen.  Grumpa and Gramma (Caruso) made it for her birthday and were just here to give it to her last Wednesday.  She loves cooking at it and will be releasing a cookbook soon I’m sure! Just a general report – Adela is doing great.  She

Adela and Friends Photo Album

Ali and I keep a photo album online of Adela. We try to update it every month or so with new pictures. I just uploaded the pictures from her birthday, so enjoy. Here are two pictures from her birthday…