Month: April 2009


Well, Adela continues to improve.  Her mood seems good other than when we are attaching her tube.  She is doing well with her therapies and rebounding to her former skills.  She is actually making more sounds and word attempts than before.  Today she had trouble again with the volume of her feeds and threw up

Better and better all the time…

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Adela is making more and more progress and feeling better every day.  The strength is coming back to her legs and she’s able to stand for a while on her own.  Not walking again, but it won’t be long. Her attitude has been different since we

A little throw-up

Well she had another good night.  She had one wake-up but went back to sleep pretty easy.  Today was our first day on our own – we sent daddy off to work.  Unfortunately when Adela had her first feeding she seemed uncomfortable and then threw up.  She seemed happier, but when she had her next


Adela is continuing to improve.  Two nights ago she fell asleep on her own and had just a little trouble in the middle of the night.  Last night she slept through the night!  Yea! She was a little overtired by bedtime tonight but seemed to fall asleep ok.  We’ll see how she does.  She is

Happy Baby

Adela is doing really well. She seems really happy during the day.  Her nighttimes are still a work in progress.  She is gaining a great amount of weight and the doctors say she looked good on Thursday.  She seems to enjoy going out and about and I’ve learned how to take her feeds on the


Sorry for not posting in the past days.  Adela is doing well here at home.  She had a check-in with her regular pediatrician on Monday and had gained 10 oz. since the hospital!  I can feel her getting heavier every day.  We are still having some sleep adjustment issues but hopefully she will learn to

Welcome Home

Adela arrived home last night about 4:45  She seems very happy to be home.  She slept pretty well last night…much better than the last few nights at the hospital.  We are doing ok with our feedings at home.  The pump is pretty straight forward.  Here’s hoping we continue to adjust.

Good Friday

Last night’s retest of her electrolytes did show that her sodium was still a little low so we will be going home on that supplement.  The doctor said that it is her kidneys dumping the sodium but that it is just that they are still healing from the trauma.  The kidneys are not doing anything

On the up and up

We are just continuing to rest.  They are still looking at discharging sometime tomorrow.  She has been tolerating her feeds just fine and we are waiting to hear that she maintained her electrolytes without supplementation overnight.  We have had lots of people in and out all morning doing their check ins.  We have met with

Rambling Along

Adela continues to improve. Here is a rambling about today’s topics. Her sodium is at normal levels so she doesn’t have to continue her salt treatments – thank goodness – because they were making her throw up.   She is still not sleeping a lot but the doctors seem to think its more just being in