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Another Dose of Remicade

Last week, Adela got her next dose of Remicade, the medicine that helps keep her Crohn’s in check.  We actually were supposed to get it last Tuesday, but after getting to the hospital, the nurse and the doctor decided Adela needed to wait for a few days because of a cough she had. It was

Back Home and Feeling Great

After a few long days (and nights) over at the hospital, we’re back home.  Adela is feeling much better and, looking at her, you wouldn’t think she was ever sick. Turns out it was the urinary tract infection that was causing most of the problems.  While at the hospital, she had some medicine that was

Back in the hospital for a few days

Unfortunately, we’re back in the hospital again, however hopefully not for long.  On Friday, we headed over to visit Gramma and Grumpa and all was well until about bedtime.  That’s when she started having quite bad stomach pains.  After several hours and an extra dose of steroids (since we were thinking it was a Crohn’s

Say Aaahhh…

Adela had a busy week last week.  A visit to the dentist, a visit to the endocrinologist, and a play date. Mommy and Adela visited her dentist on Tuesday over at UNC.  To make a long story short, she has great teeth.  Adela was very cooperative (even happy) and let her dentist check and brush

A Long Overdue Update

It’s been a few months since we last posted an update.  With Christmas, the new year, and my getting a new job, I seem to have been able to find quite a few excuses to put off writing a new post.  However, I know many people are eager to hear how Adela has been doing,

Better (to be home) late than never

It’s late (11:00 PM), however we’ve just gotten home from the hospital.  Adela is fast asleep in her own bed and soon we will be fast asleep as well.  It was a long day, however we did finally get the answers we were looking for. The combination of the x-ray and a more detailed look

It’s Picture Time for Tummy…

We’re back in the hospital this evening, however this time, it’s under much better circumstances than last time.  We’re here as planned for Adela’s scope procedure tomorrow morning.  We’ve been admitted this evening to start the necessary “cleanout” before the colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow.  The way we’ve described it to Adela is that they need

Reduce TPN & steroids, visitors today

As planned, Adela’s TPN was reduced today — the fats were discontinued and she’s getting a little less of the nutrient solution.  Also, we’ve started the slow decrease of her steroid dose.  Over the next few days, it will be reduced down to half of the dose she had been on.  Adela is still gaining

The (semi-) daily update

Since Adela is continuously improving, the doctors are looking at weaning her off the TPN in favor of her Elecare.  TPN comes in two parts with “some assembly required”.  One bag contains the lipids (fats) while the other bag contains the nutrient solution (everything other than fats).  The two are mixed right before infusion (otherwise

Adela’s TV debut tonight at 5:30 on WRAL

UpWell, Mommy, Nana, and I all had our flu shots today on camera.  A cameraman from WRAL came by and interviewed one of Adela’s doctors about why it’s important for parents to get flu shots.  A nurse gave us our flu shots (Adela decided on the order — Mommy then Daddy then Nana).  Then the