Month: August 2009

Medical Update, No More Formula!

We visited Dr. Seashore late last week and got some good news — Adela doesn’t need to be on the formula anymore.  Since she’s eating both regular meals and getting formula at night, her weight is increasing at a faster rate than normal, so the plan is to stop the formula at night.  She was

What’s Cookin’ ?

We just had to share Adela playing with her new kitchen.  Grumpa and Gramma (Caruso) made it for her birthday and were just here to give it to her last Wednesday.  She loves cooking at it and will be releasing a cookbook soon I’m sure! Just a general report – Adela is doing great.  She

Up and About

Well, Adela is officially underway again!  She had been strongly resisting standing or walking until last week and then it was as if someone flipped a switch and she just started again.  She was walking completely unaided this past weekend, but has decided to be wobbly again this week.  Hopefully she will be back to