Month: January 2010

A trip to the science museum

Today I took Adela to the Museum of Life and Science.  We had a really good day.  Her favorite was the large Barred Owl.   We also enjoyed the frogs and the butterfly house.

The Little Elfman

First let me quickly report that we received her results from the liver planel and everything was absolutely fine! And onto the story: We started reading to Adela at lunch and dinner again as an old feeding therapy trick to encourage those less than favorite foods 🙂  Daddy started with two new story books and

She’s Fabulous as Always!

Yesterday Dr. Seashore saw Adela and was very happy with her progress since the hospital.  We did have blood drawn for a liver panel but won’t know the results for a few days.  He said she looked very healthy, had a good BMI, and was acting just like a normal toddler. He said she was

I want to go home

Today I had to go to the allergist.  It was not very fun and I wanted to go home.  They pricked my back and made me itch and said I was allergic to the same stuff as before.

Happy New Year

Here’s a toast to a new year – Happy and Healthy! We made it through a rather uneventful holiday. Unfortunately Adela and Steven were both sick over Christmas. Adela with a stomach bug and Steven with a bad cold, so we had a relatively quiet Christmas Day.   Adela was not eating well for a few