Month: November 2010

Happy Belated Turkey Day

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Adela has had a great few days.  She is very bubbly and happy. Surprise  Surprise ~ Adela actually sat next to Santa without bribery or anything. She even told him about the donut maker she wants.

Better (to be home) late than never

It’s late (11:00 PM), however we’ve just gotten home from the hospital.  Adela is fast asleep in her own bed and soon we will be fast asleep as well.  It was a long day, however we did finally get the answers we were looking for. The combination of the x-ray and a more detailed look

But wait, there’s more…

Staying true to Adela’s track record of keeping things interesting, we actually are not home yet.  Unfortunately the CT scan from yesterday didn’t give a definitive answer as to what the unknown spot is.  We thought it did, but when her GI doctor looked at it this morning, she found that the dye used for

More Results and Home Tomorrow (hopefully)

Adela had a CT scan today of her intestines to look for the mysterious area that was seen during her scope.  Right to the good news…the preliminary report says that it looks like an ulcer which was the least serious of the three main possibilities.  Since it is an ulcer and not an infected abscess,


We finished up Adela’s cleansing this morning. She had fun playing and riding in her wagon this morning. Around 12:30 they took us downstairs to pre- op and gave Adela some medicine to make her sleepy and a little silly ;). Steven carried her back to the room and then we waited about an hour

It’s Picture Time for Tummy…

We’re back in the hospital this evening, however this time, it’s under much better circumstances than last time.  We’re here as planned for Adela’s scope procedure tomorrow morning.  We’ve been admitted this evening to start the necessary “cleanout” before the colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow.  The way we’ve described it to Adela is that they need

Oh Christmas Tree…a bit early

Every year, it always seems like Christmas comes and goes so quickly.  Well, this year, we’re getting a head start.  The Christmas tree farm we used last year just opened for reserving trees.  It’s a neat idea — you go pick out the tree in the field you like then come back later to cut

Home Sweet Home

Sorry for the delay in posting after returning home.  We’ve been enjoying being in our own home, sleeping in our own beds, and just generally trying to get back to normal.  Adela has been in a wonderful mood since we got home — more playful and happier than we’ve seen her in quite a while. 

Happy Home Day

Today we are celebrating Happy Home Day.  For those of those unfamiliar with this holiday, it involves bouncing on beds, chanting byebye, one last royal wagon ride, and lots of questions. We have finished with the doctors and are just waiting on the final discharge papers from the nurse. Here’s to you and yours on

Here today, gone tomorrow

All things being equal, we will be discharged in the morning after the doctors round.  They will do one more blood draw to look at her electrolytes and a few other levels early tomorrow.  We will have a follow up with her GI doctor on Wednesday and then later with Dr. Seashore.  In a few