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But wait, there’s more…

Staying true to Adela’s track record of keeping things interesting, we actually are not home yet.  Unfortunately the CT scan from yesterday didn’t give a definitive answer as to what the unknown spot is.  We thought it did, but when her GI doctor looked at it this morning, she found that the dye used for the scan didn’t completely cover the area in question so we need more images.  This morning we went down for an abdominal x-ray.  The thought is that the x-ray combined with the CT scan may be able to definitively answer if this is an ulcer, fistula, or abscess.  We’re still waiting for the x-ray results…been waiting for five hours now for the results.  If it’s determined that the spot is harmless, we’ll go right home after Adela’s dose of new medicine for Crohn’s.  If it’s not clear from the x-ray, we’ll have to have another CT scan, this time with a barium enema to ensure the dye gets where it needs to be.  Oh what fun.  The only good thing about that method is that Adela doesn’t need to fast and the barium dye is given all at once immediately before the CT scan.  Then I’m sure we’ll have to wait again for the results to be read before we know what the next step is.

So, at this point, we’re not sure if we’re heading home today or not, but we’ll update the blog as we know more.

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