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As I had mentioned it in a previous post and I had no other inspiration today, I thought I would write a quick note about our curriculum choice for this year.  Last year for kindergarten I attempted to use a prepared curriculum that was very experiential (think Montessori).  Needless to say that wasn’t a good fit for Adela or I.  It wasn’t so much the activities or philosophy it was the lack of a easy to follow plan.  We ended up creating our own curriculum from materials and such we had on hand.  We wanted for her first grade experience to be a bit more formal as in second grade we will be required to start providing documentation to the state.  Anyway Steven and I went to the NC homeschooling conference earlier this summer and browsed through many different choices.  We ended up deciding on a curriculum that is completely planned out that I can just add to as I want to.  So far it has been great and I love that all the textbooks and materials come with it.  Anyway boring post is now over.

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