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Oh Christmas Tree…a bit early

Every year, it always seems like Christmas comes and goes so quickly.  Well, this year, we’re getting a head start.  The Christmas tree farm we used last year just opened for reserving trees.  It’s a neat idea — you go pick out the tree in the field you like then come back later to cut it down closer to Christmas.  So, we went on Saturday to pick our tree, a Leyland Cypress.  Adela had a good time and, just like last year, Boo and Baa came along to help us make our decision.

From a less holiday-oriented perspective, Adela is still doing well.  We saw her regular pediatrician Tuesday and her GI doctor Wednesday.  Both were pleased with how Adela is progressing.  Believe it or not, there are still some test results that are trickling in.  The results of one of her pancreatic tests came back with a normal value as opposed to the very low value seen soon after we arrived at the hospital.  It’s something that will probably be retested again at some point just to make sure it’s not cycling high and low, but it’s not of immediate concern at this point.  She still has some genetic and metabolic tests that are outstanding.  We’ll try to get more details on them when we go in next week for her scope procedure.  We’ll check in Sunday (the 21st), her scope will be Monday, and, if all goes well, we’ll leave on Tuesday.  We don’t know exactly what time on Monday her scope will be performed (they don’t create the schedule until closer to the actual date).

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