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It’s Picture Time for Tummy…

We’re back in the hospital this evening, however this time, it’s under much better circumstances than last time.  We’re here as planned for Adela’s scope procedure tomorrow morning.  We’ve been admitted this evening to start the necessary “cleanout” before the colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow.  The way we’ve described it to Adela is that they need to take a picture of her tummy (we’ve just generalized her “intestines” as “tummy”), but they need to make sure there isn’t any ham in the way when they take the picture.  They know what ham looks like, but they don’t know what the inside of her tummy looks like.  The procedure will start tomorrow at 10:30 AM or 1:00 PM, depending on the doctor’s schedule.  We should know the results right away of whether all the inflammation is healed or at least healing like it’s supposed to.  There will be some biopsies that will take a little while to come back that may shed some more light on what exactly we’re dealing with.  We’ll post tomorrow as we learn more.

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