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We finished up Adela’s cleansing this morning. She had fun playing and riding in her wagon this morning. Around 12:30 they took us downstairs to pre- op and gave Adela some medicine to make her sleepy and a little silly ;). Steven carried her back to the room and then we waited about an hour and a half. The GI doctor came out and gave us the results and Adela came out from under anesthesia feisty and giving the recovery nurses an earful. She came up to her room and rested then went back out to play in the hallway. She enjoyed some Strawberry Shortcake and Thomas the train movies this evening and did a little watercolor painting (thanks art cart).

– contains graphic detail-
The result were mixed. Everything the doctor saw last time (on the shorter scope) looked a lot better – healing really well – and other than a little irritation (probably from steroids or colitis) her upper scope was all normal. Unfortunately as soon as the doctor moved further into the colon she found more bad ulcerations and when she got further on towards the entrance to the small intestine she found some anomalies. Next to the correct opening there was another that contained two large ulcers and a small mysterious black hole, the doctor was not able to use the scope to check it as it began to bleed. At this point it is suspected to be some sort of ulcer or (hopefully not) an abscess – there is also a small likelihood that it could be a fistula which is a tube that forms between your intestine and an unrelated tissue nearby. Tomorrow morning Adela is having a CT scan done of the area to see if they can see what it is. That will determine the plan for treatment. We’ll post tomorrow what we find out.

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