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Better (to be home) late than never

It’s late (11:00 PM), however we’ve just gotten home from the hospital.  Adela is fast asleep in her own bed and soon we will be fast asleep as well.  It was a long day, however we did finally get the answers we were looking for.

The combination of the x-ray and a more detailed look at the CT scan revealed that the mysterious black spot seen on the scope was actually the inflamed opening to the appendix.  The appendix itself is fine other than being inflamed, however it looked odd enough that it wasn’t identifiable during the scope.  There were no signs of abscesses or fistulas after examining the x-ray and CT scan, so she was cleared to start her new medication, remicade.  This is a medicine that targets the inflammation more directly than the steroids she has been on.  Part of the reason we’re so late in getting home is that there is a whole process of how to give the medication.  It can only be given through an IV (so her broviac came in handy) and you start at a very low rate of infusion and gradually ramp it up every 15 to 30 minutes, each time checking her vital signs for any sign of adverse reaction.  Adela had no problem with it (slept through most of the infusion).

We’ll post more details later, but the important parts are all above…we’re home and she’s on a new medicine that should help control her intestinal inflammation very quickly.


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